Gluten-Free Nail Lacquer

If you are on a gluten-free diet either by choice or for health reasons, it may come as a shock to learn that many nail polish and nail lacquer products contain gluten in their ingredients. And, while it may seem like a waste to have to take out most of your nail polish, Lazzara is here to make the process easy. All our products featured in our nail lacquer line are made with gluten-free, organic ingredients that will leave you feeling happy and healthy.

The Major Benefits of Gluten-Free Products

Beyond helping our customers with wheat allergies and celiacs, making our nail lacquer without gluten ingredients allows Lazzara to use exclusively organic ingredients. By using our “18-free” formula, we can happily avoid using the 18 most toxic ingredients found in common nail polishes such as formaldehyde and xylene.

Purchase Gluten-Free Nail Lacquer Online

If you want to make the shift to a truly gluten-free lifestyle, start with Lazzara’s organic nail lacquer products to change your life for the better. Our vegan, gluten-free nail polish lacquer is sure to give your nails a beautiful look and feel wearing it.

For more information on our products or the benefits of a gluten-free nail lacquer, contact us via our page or email Lazzara at